Winter Auto Care Tips From The World Toyota Service Center

June 19th, 2019 by

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Have Your Vehicle’s Brakes Inspected

Winter conditions make it more difficult for your vehicle to maintain traction, which means you need your brakes working perfectly. This is even more true if there is any snow or ice on the ground. To function optimally, brakes need to be well-maintained. Routine brake maintenance includes brake fluid refills and brake pad replacement. While some drivers attempt these services themselves, it’s safer and possibly more effective to have the professionals at the World Toyota Service Center take care of it.

Come into the World Toyota dealership in the Atlanta area today to have your car’s brakes serviced and returned to peak operating condition.

Check Your Coolant/Antifreeze Levels

Coolant and antifreeze used to be 2 different fluids, but these days a single product can take care of both functions. This means that you don’t have to flush and replace your fluids like you might have had to in years past. However, you should still take a look and make sure that you have plenty of antifreeze in the reservoir. If you’re running low, it may be a good idea to have the technicians at World Toyota fill it up and check for any leaks. Having plenty of antifreeze will keep your vehicle’s engine from locking up if the temperature gets very low.

If you want the best of care for your Toyota, Atlanta-area dealership World Toyota is here for you. Visit us today for all of your auto repair needs.

Keep Ice From Building Up On Your Windshield

It’s very common for ice to build up on your vehicle’s windshield, even if the temperature stays above freezing. A layer of ice can make it difficult for the driver to see, which in turn makes driving unsafe. Thankfully, it isn’t too hard to prevent this situation. There are many de-icing products on the market that you can coat your windshield with. This will prevent the vast majority of ice build-up. If any ice still forms on your windshield, it may be a good idea to have an ice scraper in your vehicle to remove it quickly and easily.

Stop by your local Toyota dealer, World Toyota in Atlanta, GA. Our Toyota dealership is a premier destination for automotive services.

The Most Important Winter Auto Care Tip – Getting Winter Tires

Winter tires will provide your vehicle with the greatest amount of traction in cold conditions. They are especially important in snow and ice, where other types of tires will hardly work at all. A full-service automotive center like World Toyota will have the tires you need and the experts to fit them.

Learn more about tire care and service at our Toyota dealership. The experienced and knowledgeable techs can install winter tires on your vehicle today.

Visit The World Toyota Service Center Today

Drivers in Sandy Springs, Alpharetta and elsewhere in the Atlanta region are welcome to visit the World Toyota service center today for all of their auto repair and maintenance needs. Our factory-authorized service center will take good care of your vehicle and get you back out on the road in no time. Whether you have a Toyota model or a vehicle from another major manufacturer, we’re here for you when you need scheduled maintenance like an oil change service or when your car breaks down. Schedule an appointment for a service through our website. Alternatively, bring your car in during our business hours.

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