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Rav4 - Highlander - Sequoia Toyota SUV models are available at World Toyota Atlanta

Comparing The Interiors of Toyota SUVs

Many families will be looking at Toyota SUVs to conquer Atlanta's streets. The most important point of comparison for young families looking at different SUVs is interior space and seating capacity. The Toyota RAV4 can seat a total of 5 occupants. Meanwhile, the Highlander and the Sequoia can both seat up to 8 with their available 3rd row seating. Both the second and third rows in the Highlander can be used for adults. However, drivers looking for a little extra leg room, may want to consider the spacious Sequoia.

The main difference in the interior space lies in the Highlander being a mid-size SUV and the Sequoia being a full-size SUV. Even though the Sequoia has the same number of seats, it does have a significant amount more interior space.

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Different Models of Toyota SUVs at World Toyota in Atlanta near Sandy Springs

The Different Toyota Models of SUVs: RAV4, Highlander & Sequoia

When looking for the right Toyota SUV, one of the most important things that you need to take into account is body style. Of course, the RAV4, Highlander and Sequoia do have very different appearances. What sort of appearance you're looking for is up to you. It's simply personal preference. However, you should understand how the different body style affects the size of the vehicle. The Toyota RAV4 is a compact SUV. It is the smallest of the 3 SUVs discussed in this piece. As such, it is good for small families. However, if you are the outdoorsy type, you may want to consider the RAV4 Adventure trim, which has everything you need for a weekend outing. Meanwhile, the Highlander mid-size SUV easily handles an average size family of 2-3 kids with ease. The Toyota Sequoia is what is known as a full-size SUV. Many large families will fit perfectly in a Toyota Sequoia.

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Toyota Makes Safety A Priority in Their SUVs

The RAV4, Highlander and Sequoia are actually very similar in terms of these safety features they have. They all have an advanced ABS system that will help the car stop sooner. They also all have large 4-wheel disc brakes which further improves braking capability. All 3 SUV models have a brake assist system, traction control and stability control as standard. They have also all received excellent crash test ratings. No matter which Toyota SUV you prefer, you can rest assured that it is a very safe vehicle.

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Breathtaking Performance Over Excellent Fuel Economy

When it comes to comparing the performance of these Toyota SUVs, there is an interesting split. The Highlander and the RAV4 have fairly similar levels of performance as they are peppy and fuel efficient. The Sequoia, however, is very powerful. The Highlander has a 2.7L 4-cylinder engine making 185 horsepower. The RAV4 has a similar 2.5L 4-cylinder engine making 176 horsepower. The Sequoia, however, has a massive 5.7L V8 engine. This V8 kicks out 381 rampaging horsepower. The Sequoia proves that a family SUV can still the powerful enough to allow you to tear up the road. It is also important to note that all 3 SUVs use 6-speed automatics for smooth and accurate shifting.

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Tech features available on Toyotas SUVs at World Toyota in Atlanta near Sandy Springs and Alpharetta, GA

Exciting And Easy-To-Use Tech

All 3 of the new Toyota SUVs compared in this article offer a lot of fun and easy to use tech. The tech offerings for each vehicle are fairly similar. However, there are some differences. One of these differences is that the Sequoia offers a unique electrochromic rearview mirror that works at night. This feature is not available on the Highlander or RAV4. The Sequoia also offers an optional universal garage door opener. This feature may not be the most exciting, but it is very useful and it is not available in the Highlander or the RAV4. Finally, the Sequoia offers optional navigation. Navigation is not available on the other 2 SUVs. If tech is one of the most important aspects that you look at when comparing vehicles, the Sequoia maybe the right SUV for you.

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